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Vision on Design

"I believe that to stimulate healthier lifestyles it is vitally important to additionally improve one’s self image on short term."

The long-term positive effects of a healthier lifestyle on self-image, general health and overall well-being have been proven within many studies (Hausenblas, 2006). The other way around, studies predict that a negative self-image triggers behaviour that leads to weight gain and further development of a lower body satisfaction (Neumark-Sztainer, 2006).

I believe that by means of design, self-image can be influenced positively on short term. Moreover, I believe that this influence contributes to the initiation of a positive reinforcement between healthier lifestyles and self-image, as a positive self-image affects short-term decision-making, which affects maintenance of healthier lifestyles. So instead of being a one-way positive direction, healthy lifestyle on self-image, it will become a two-way positive relation: where one enhances the other and vice versa.

Design Identity

"Even though I have always liked to 'groom' myself, when recovering from a motor accident, I truly experienced how this grooming contributed to my self-image and how this was connected to my overall well being."

Like many other young girls, I was very interested in appearance related topics like fashion and make-up. This interest grew after my recovery from a motor accident at the age of 15. At first I felt sad, as I was scarred all over my body. By searching different ways to feel better about myself, like dancing, using make-up, spray tanning, clothing, eating behaviour et cetera, the scars eventually did not bother me anymore. Due to these activities, I experienced a strong connection between my overall well-being and my self-image. So by positively influencing my self-image, I found a way to cope with my accident and to feel good again.

Because of this experience, I am able to treasure and understand the positive relation between self-image and overall well-being. Combining this experience with my interest in healthier lifestyles (which also contributes to well-being), has formed the base of my design vision, which makes this vision very true to my heart. I therefore see myself as a vision driven designer where my ability to empathise is essential.

As a person I am very approachable and easy-going that values making other people smile. This is resembled in the way I involve users within my design process.

"I strongly believe that the way you want to deal with personal health, self-image and empowerment through design with regards to perceived daily activity is a unique offering and position."

Carl Megens


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